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Laser Design is a leader in the quality of services offered to the customer; the goal we propose is to be present at every stage of the project, from its inception to delivery and installation.
research and

The design analysis is always aligned with the customer's needs, and it is essential to translate an idea into an industrialized product. Thanks to the maximum operational and management flexibility it is possible to undertake unconventional solutions, immediately testing their potential realization and consequent industrialization.

& realization

We have been collaborating for years with the marketing departments of large multinationals, famous retail companies and large-scale retailers, developing new and original projects for them. In a proactive way, we create innovative solutions for Trade / Direct Marketing and Brand Engagement operations.

assistance &

The service is born from the evolution of the customer's needs to be able to entrust to the productive partner not only the tasks related to the production but also those connected to a correct conservation of the products themselves and their relative transport to the centers of interest of the customer, in Italy and abroad.